Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Life on Venus (Not)

Dear Phoebie,
Hiya sister, hope you mommy and daddy and the other one are doing well, I'm not. It's horrible here on Venus, we gots sulfuric acid rainin' down all the time, need to where a oxygen tank because the atmosphere is all carbon dioxide. I need to spend most of my time underground it's just too hot here. They talk about greenhouse gases on earth, but this place is the real thing, talk about you global warming. Ya know, way back this planet was a lot like earth, but something went wrong and it started to heat up, all the water evaporated and we're left with this mess. Funny how it's called Earth's "sister planet", they couldn't be further apart.
Okay sis, enough griping from here, I hope to get home soon, hugs to all of yas.
You're li'l bro Scotty

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