Friday, March 18, 2011

Fat Questions for 3/18

1) Do you prefer to work in groups or on your own? Explain your choice and give example.
It depends on the assignment. I prefer to work on my own if it's something like answering questions like the last assignment from the last term where we had to answer questions about Earth and Mars. That required some research on my own, and I was able to concentrate better.
I think working in groups is good if we are asked to maybe solve a problem that we don't know anything about. Different people have different experience levels and everyone has something to contribute. An example would be if you asked us to maybe plan a colony on the moon, it would help to have several people working it out, different people in the group can take responsibility for different aspects of the project and it would be much more efficient than trying to figure out everything on your own.
Another example from my RL past, I took a course in cognitive psychology and several of us formed a study group in which each person had to summarize one chapter from the textbook. It was very helpful preparing for exams.

2) What are the consequences for bullying and disruptions of class? Be specific.
 Oh no, I didn't write those down. I think the first offense gets a verbal warning, second offense is a letter to the parents and the third offense gets you a trip to the principal's office where you have to explain why you shouldn't be kicked out from the class.

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