Friday, April 29, 2011

Fat Questions for 4/29/2011

 1) What is the coolest thing you learned about your classmates? What made it cool?
 First off I kind of hate using "cool" as an adjective, so I'll keep it out of this. I thought the best thing I heard was that one kid co-owned a store with her aunt. I think it's a wonderful thing when a kid and an adult relative so something like that together because it shows they have an interest in common. It's also good to see that kind of relationship because I think relationships between kids and their grownups should be cooperative and not adversarial. I was also impressed that a couple of them are able to build things and sell them. I guess the only reason is that I wish I could do that too, got a little jealous. Maybe they should have a class dedicated to building and scripting at Oceanside.

2) What are your hopes for this class? What do you hope to learn about Egypt?
 I hopes we can cover a lot of different aspects of this subject. I would like to learn about their religion and also how their society was structured. For example how were the state and religion related? What was the class structure and who had the power?
I also want to learn about what they accomplished scientifically and how they applied it to things like building the pyramids. You might be able to sneak a geometry lesson in when you talk about the pyramids. I'll probably think of some other stuff as we go along.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Blue Bacteria livin' on Titan

Hello, I'm a li'l blue bug living on Titan, Saturn's sixth moon. We're really far from the sun (Saturn's 888 million miles) so it's really cold here, about -290 degrees F. I live in a methane lake near the North Pole called Jingo Lacus.  It takes us  about 16 (15.9450 days to orbit Saturn, so we age pretty quickly it seems. Us Titanians are very different from you Earth folks. Instead of oxygen we breath hydrogen, react it with acetylene instead of glucose and exhale methane. Titan has lots of these lakes, plus we have water (frozen into ice, of course). Our atmosphere is mostly nitrogen and methane (98.4% N2 and 1.4%CH4 in the stratosphere and 95% N2 and 4.9% CH4 in the lower troposphere). We have a pretty good life here, us bacteria really don't feel the cold and lack of sunlight doesn't bother us either. Think I'm going to go for a swim, bye bye!

Friday, April 8, 2011

Chlorophyll Critter livin' on Mars and lovin' it mostly

Hiya, I live on Mars and am pretty happy, all chlorophyll and planty fiber, the atmosphere here is almost all carbon dioxide so I can breathe easy. Only problem is I have to live near the North Pole because there's some water here, not much, most of its frozen, but I get enough to get by.I don't get to move around a lot, need my water source, and it's really cold up here but I take some trips south and sometimes the temp gets up to 60 deg F, really balmy. ok, I'm off on a detour and frolic I need some warmth right now, thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Vapor critter livin' on da sun

this critter would consist of plasma since the temperature is so hot solid matter or even vapor wouldn't survive, it would be in constant motion and would be scattered all over the place. It would probably be dragged into the center and revolve around it and may even get converted into energy. It would not survive for very long and its existence would not be very pleasant.