Thursday, April 14, 2011

Little Blue Bacteria livin' on Titan

Hello, I'm a li'l blue bug living on Titan, Saturn's sixth moon. We're really far from the sun (Saturn's 888 million miles) so it's really cold here, about -290 degrees F. I live in a methane lake near the North Pole called Jingo Lacus.  It takes us  about 16 (15.9450 days to orbit Saturn, so we age pretty quickly it seems. Us Titanians are very different from you Earth folks. Instead of oxygen we breath hydrogen, react it with acetylene instead of glucose and exhale methane. Titan has lots of these lakes, plus we have water (frozen into ice, of course). Our atmosphere is mostly nitrogen and methane (98.4% N2 and 1.4%CH4 in the stratosphere and 95% N2 and 4.9% CH4 in the lower troposphere). We have a pretty good life here, us bacteria really don't feel the cold and lack of sunlight doesn't bother us either. Think I'm going to go for a swim, bye bye!

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