Friday, March 4, 2011

Letter to my sis: This New Job Stinks!

Dear Phoebie,
Hi sis, greetings from Mercury. Hope you, mom, dad and Chey are doing well. I'm not.
You know I got posted here as a metallurgy guy to try and find out if there's a profitable way to extract some of these metals and get them back to earth, and frankly, I think it's a big fail.
Take a look at this pic on the postcard, I'm stuck on a line between day and night, We're only 58 million km from the sun so it's too darn hot during the day (800 degs F) on one side and bloody cold (-300 deg F) at night. Since there's no atmosphere I've gotta where a suit all the time. The temp difference between day and night means I always have to following this line between the side facing the sun and the one facing away (hence the temp difference, the sunny side is always hot and the night side is always facing into the cold void of space). But guess what, the line keeps shifting because like all planets Mercury rotates, so I'm constantly moving, dodging asteroids and all kinds of junk that just keep landing here. And since it's smaller than earth I had to learn to walk all over again since I'm about 50 pounds lighter than I would be at home.That means it's harder to move, and I have to keep moving all the time, no time to do the assessment I was sent here to do. I wanna come home! I can't keep this up! Mercury is a horrible place to live plus have to do a job! But they won't let me, they tell me I have to stay at least six months.Please tell mom and dad to make sure there are plenty of adult beverages when I get home, I'm gonna need 'em, plus about 2 years of therapy. Love you sis, can't wait to get home again, hugs.

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