Thursday, March 24, 2011

Fat Questions - Solar System

23 Mar
1) What, in your own words, is the solar system? Explain in detail.
(do not google, I want YOUR opinion) The solar system has a star that we call the sun in the middle and eight planets orbiting around it. Most of the planets have moons (exceptions are Venus and Mercury) orbiting them. It also includes a "belt" of rocks floating in space between Mars and Earth. There's also floating rocks that sometimes land on earth, the moon and other planets, these are called meteors. There are also some bodies called "minor planets like Pluto. I'm not sure if I should include comets as part of the solar system since they just pass through (visitors).

2) What would you like to learn about the solar system? List several topics. I would like to learn about all the planets in detail. Also how the first four (Mercury, Venus, Earth and Mars) are different from the others (Jupiter, Saturn, Neptune and Uranus). Another topic might be other objects in the solar system like the various moons and asteroids. Finally how it was formed, how old it is and how long it will last.

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