Friday, February 25, 2011

Snow White & Rose Red Fat Questions

  1. Describe the sisterly bond between Snow White and Rose Red.

    They may as well have been twins, they were always together, walked hand in hand when they were outside and shared everything they had. They were not entirely alike though. Snow White was quiet and shy and would spend her time in the house helping her mother. Rose Red was more energetic and spent lots of time outdoors. Their closeness comes out in the way they deal with the nasty dwarf, they worked together to free the little wretch when he was in trouble and went about their business together when they were done with him. And at the end of the story Snow White married the kings son that got turned into the bear and Rose Red married his brother, the two girls were determined to stay together forever.
  2. How is the story similar/different to the modern Snow White?
    The "Modern" Snow White is an invention of the writers at the Walt Disney Studios. The dwarf in Snow White and Rose Red was ugly, evil and malicious, never gave thanks no matter how many times the girls saved his bacon and came to a well deserved bad end.He also survived by stealing and not doing his own work. In the modern (Disney) version there are 7 dwarves. They are all fat, cute and cuddly and work really hard for their living.
    Snow White has no sister in the modern tale and it is the prince, not Snow White, that is under enchantment, having been turned into a bear.That's all.

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