Friday, February 18, 2011

Little Red Riding Hood Fat Questions 2/18/2011

1. Do you think the mother should have sent Little Red Riding Hood on such a long way by herself? Why?

Yes and no. Yes because she knew the way and was described as being very good. I sounded to me like she had made the journey on her own before. No because she didn't seem to be mature enough to understand the possible dangers. She let her business be made known to the wolf, accepted his suggestion of how to get to granma's house, and then took her time getting there. She ran around the woods gathering flowers and doing other stuff when she should have been delivering the cakes and butter. I don't think the mother knew how LRRH would behave, so No outweighs Yes.

2. How is the wolf's end different from other common versions of Little Red Riding Hood? Explain.

This version is different from the original Grimm story in that the huntsman looks in the window and just shoots the wolf dead, In the original version LRRH is eaten by the wolf too. The hunter comes in, kills the wolf and cuts its body open and rescues both the grandmother and LRRH.

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