Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Little Golden Hood's Fat Questions

How were Golden Hood's instructions from her mother different from Little Red's? Do you think they're any better/worse?

Little Golden Hood's mother instructed her to go straight to Grandma's house, deliver the cake and come straight back home. She also told LGH not to stop on the way or talk to anyone. LRRH's mother just told her to take the cakes and butter, with no other instructions.
LGH's mother, it seems, was testing her to see if she was ready to take on some responsibility. The first thing she said was "Let us see if you can find the way by yourself." I think they were better than those from LRRH's mother's because LGH's mother knew or might have known of possible danger. Instructing LGH to go straight to granma's and come straight back without talking to anyone were out of concern for her safety. Needless to say LGH failed the test.

How is the wolf's end different from the Andrew Lang's version of Little Red Riding Hood? Is this how you would have ended the story? Explain.

It's a very different ending in that it was the wolf, not LGH and her granma, that came to a bad end. There was no intervention by a passing huntsman. The wolf suffered horribly from the magic of LGH's hood and the granma was the real heroine. She must have been a witch.
Andrew Lang's version is different from the original Grimm version in that both LRRH and the grandmother were eaten. 

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